Dr Jacob Breslow

I am an Associate Professor of Gender and Sexuality at the London School of Economics Department of Gender Studies. My primary area of research is on contemporary U.S. social justice movements, and the ways in which the idea of childhood operates within and against them. Specifically, this work interrogates and thinks with Black Lives Matter, transfeminism, queer youth activism, and anti-deportation movements.

My book, published in 2021 with the University of Minnesota Press, is titled Ambivalent Childhoods: Speculative Futures and the Psychic Life of the Child. It interrogates these movements through four psychoanalytic processes and analytics: disavowal, desire, projection, and dream-work. Doing so, it establishes a new way of conceptualizing the usefulness of the “psychic life of the child” for enduring the complexities of the ongoing present. Ambivalent Childhoods is a forward-thinking and intersectional exploration of how childhood affects activism, national belonging, and the violence transacted against queer, trans, and racialized people. 

My second line of research is on transnational and local sexual politics, and the conceptual and lived effects of ameliorating sexual harms. In this body of work, I have written on social media’s outsourcing of content moderation and the production of the digital life of coloniality; and on the relationship between #MeToo and homonationalism. I am also working with my colleagues on a new project titled Queer and Trans Geographies of Accommodation and Displacement, which combines analyses of local and everyday acts of making or denying spaces for queer and trans subjects, with examinations of the political and psychic landscapes of these spatial politics.